On brilliant summer days, there is nothing better than enjoying a vacation filled with fun with your family, discovering interesting things about nature and people. Trips not only recharge energy but also summer travel to bond and share happy moments together.

Những chuyến du lịch hè giúp gia đình thêm gắn kết tình thân, vững bền hạnh phúc

Summer trips help families bond more closely, sustainably and happily

Not only is it a rare vacation occasion, a summer trip is also a reward for families to enjoy a wonderful and meaningful vacation together. An extended summer vacation will help the whole family get closer and cherish the precious time together. New tourist attractions will make family members feel excited and motivated to complete the job well. Summer travel brings certain benefits in both health and well-being. It will be the most precious moment to help connect members more glue, the joy will multiply many times.

If you and your family are still confused about which place to choose to enjoy a memorable summer vacation, Palace Long Hai Resort is definitely a destination worth considering. Coming to Palace Long Hai Resort, visitors will be immersed in the clear blue water, cool of the sea. In just a few steps, from the resort, visitors can comfortably have fun, play with friends and family in the clean water, on the spacious and gentle sand, feel the salty taste of the sea breeze every early morning, watch the sparkling sunrise, brilliant every early dawn.

Những chuyến đi giúp các thành viên gia đình thêm gắn kết

Trips help family members bond

In particular, Palace Long Hai Resort also integrates many entertainment services and diverse experience activities to help your family fully enjoy the summer vacation with countless memories. These are relaxing cycling activities, kayaking, experiences at the Infinity Pool, Beach Club Coffee, chill with Sunset Bar, enjoying unique cuisines at Ocean Restaurant… will surely be unforgettable memories for your family.

In addition to the services at the resort, your family can also visit, play, and operate with the people of Long Hai beach to feel all the idyllic, authentic, friendly and peaceful beauty of the people here through the playful, naughty of the children or daily stories, Memories of sailing elders. Along with that are many destinations that your family can completely visit in just a few minutes such as: Dinh Co, night market along the coast, Long Hai fishing village, Buu Lam Tu, Freshwater Pass, Minh Dam Mountain …

Cùng lưu lại những bức ảnh đong đầy kỷ niệm của cả gia đình giữa thiên nhiên tươi đẹp

Let’s save photos filled with memories of the whole family in the beautiful nature

Although officially put into operation not long ago, Palace Long Hai Resort has conquered many domestic and foreign tourists. When they first came to the resort, Mr. Thanh’s family, a domestic tourist, was very impressed with the quality of service here. He said: “At the start of the new year 2024, I decided to plan a short vacation with my family and I chose Long Hai as my destination. The first impression is that the staff is very friendly and polite. The beach is close, the pool is also large for my son to spoil the pool. The breakfast buffet is not too many dishes, but I rate every dish as delicious. Especially, the coffee bar and condensed milk are more than enough for coffee lovers like me. If I ever come back, I’ll stop again.”

Not only blessed with unique scenery, diverse experience services, the resort also creates a lot of sympathy in the hearts of visitors thanks to the sincerity, dedication, thoughtfulness and sophistication from the staff. With the motto “You are satisfied, We are happy”, Palace Long Hai Resort staff always try their best to meet all needs, bringing the highest satisfaction to all visitors, including extremely demanding foreign guests.

Palace Long Hai Resort mang đến sự hài lòng cao nhất cho tất cả du khách

Palace Long Hai Resort brings the highest satisfaction to all guests

“The staff supported us very well and helped me have a great holiday. Although we came to check-in very early, the receptionist promptly assisted us to check in without having to wait. The security officers gave us a lot of safety advice as well as information about the surrounding areas. The staff at Dora Spa took good care of us. The restaurant staff also brought us very special meals” – Nhan, a Vietnamese-American tourist who is not afraid to use winged words for Palace Long Hai Resort.

In particular, coming to the resort this summer, visitors also receive many extremely attractive incentives. What are you waiting for, plan a summer trip for your family right away and enjoy a complete vacation at Palace Long Hai Resort.