Give her a sweet 3rd month vacation at Palace Long Hai Resort

The clear jade-like sky hugs the smooth golden sand, each wave lapping gently on the shore creates melodious music. The mischievous morning sun crept through the coconut trees, dancing on the windows of the lovely bungalows. It is a beautiful scenery that you will enjoy at the peaceful and romantic seaside resort – Palace Long Hai Resort (Ba Ria – Vung Tau).

Moreover, Palace Long Hai Resort also “pleases” visitors with diverse and interesting experiences beyond expectations. Besides a romantic dinner at the luxurious Ocean Restaurant, watching the sunset with a passionate cocktail at the pool is also a wellness service with a relaxing spa.

This 3rd month, spend precious time with your loved ones, family and friends to create memorable memories and deep connections, together in a romantic and intimate space at Palace Long Hai Resort.