Live “rustic” with Palace Long Hai Resort

When you shed everything about technology on you, the rush of urban life, in harmony with nature, you are approaching the highest realm of life: living “wooden”. There is a place where the privilege of nature is always present, inviting you to experience, that is Palace Long Hai Resort, Ba Ria Vung Tau province.

Palace Long Hai Resort is chosen by many tourists as a place to find peace by participating in meditation courses, connecting the soul.

Enjoy life with all your senses

Located in Long Hai town, Palace Long Hai Resort features 31 bungalows nestled in romantic natural surroundings. In front is the historical building of Uncle Fire, behind is the white sand beach gently rolling with waves. In terms of location alone, Palace Long Hai Resort has brought many impressions to visitors who have been here.

Dressed in contemporary open design in harmony with nature, Palace Long Hai Resort opens up a green and rustic resort space. From each villa, light and wind are always abundant, present in every small corner of the space, helping visitors enjoy the cool atmosphere and strange peace.

Perhaps there is hardly a place as relaxed as the sea. The vastness of the ocean makes people feel so small. One step into the sea, immersed in the warm water with bare feet on the white sand at Palace Long Hai Resort, life suddenly seems to slow down, happiness is present even in simple things.

Palace Long Hai Resort with 31 bungalows located in the heart of Long Hai town

At night, from Palace Long Hai Resort, looking away, hidden in the vast night are the flashing lights of the fishing train. On the right is the brightly lit Vung Tau city, on the left is Long Hai town dim in the lights. The wind is windy all year round, murmuring on the cool blue ocean rows to the rushing, endless melodic song…

If you come here in the early morning, you will get lost in the everyday world with all kinds of idyllic sounds, fitness walkers, snail gatherers, far away is the fishing scene or simply the bustling laughter of children, tourist couples leisurely walking in the early sun… In this very place, visitors “return to the source” in the spirit of experiencing the simplest value of happiness that is the essence of human beings.

A place to connect open minds

Just private enough, cohesive enough is a special feature at Palace Long Hai Resort. You can find peace, experience the emotions deposited in the closed and quiet resort space along the beach, by the sunbathing area or the road filled with greenery. On the contrary, it is more exciting to open yourself up to connect with friends at the sunset bar or participate in exciting sports activities.

Palace Long Hai Resort does not interfere in the “rustic” life of visitors but supports with practical services such as providing bicycles for visitors to explore the roads by themselves and enjoy local dishes, street specialties. And those who are passionate about thrills, like adventure are attractive sports activities such as surfing or windsurfing, floating on great waves.

Complementing the perfection of Palace Long Hai Resort is a system of facilities that meticulously serve all the needs of visitors, from swimming pools, spas, sports games to culinary services with local flavors.

The infinity pool at the resort is the highlight at Palace Long Hai Resort. With a direct view of the sea, this is where visitors enjoy a relaxing space and own super impressive photos.

Especially, this is where many visitors find peace by participating in meditation courses, connecting the soul. The fresh climate pleases people, green space, open design form an ideal ecosystem to meditate, calm the mind, relieve pressure and regain balance for life. Most visitors at the end of the meditation course at Palace Long Hai Resort feel a positive change in their own body and mind: healthy body, clear mind and peace from within.

Back to Palace Long Hai Resort, immerse yourself to enjoy the “rustic” lifestyle. “Wood” helps people find nature and discover their own ego. Those are also the good values that people always aim for.

Lam Anh