Local Destinations

Those who come to Long Hai will be surprised by the beautiful sea view in a natural way. The sea water is clean and cool, along with poetic green hills.

Check out a few places to visit when you come to Long Hai:

1. Long Hai tourist beach

Referring to the places in Long Hai, the first mention is Long Hai Sea. The coastline runs along Minh Dam Mountain. This beach is pristine, but very clean. Many visitors said that the stretch of golden sand and the clear blue water sparkling in the sun gave them an unforgettable impression. With unspoiled beauty, natural beach, Long Hai will be a great place for visitors to bathe and sunbathe.

Long Hai Beach

2. Minh Dam Mountain

This mountain is located about 150 km from Ho Chi Minh City. From Palace Long Hai Resort about 3km will see Minh Dam mountain (about 200m high). In the past, this mountain was also called Chau Long or Chau Vien.

Here, you can learn about the historical site. On the mountain, there are dense forests, many caves, formerly the resistance base of the people of Ba Ria – Vung Tau.

Minh Dam Mountain

3. Freshwater Pass

Couples often come here for exterior wedding photography. Every afternoon, many young people gather on the sea embankment to watch the sunset, chat and eat.

Freshwater Pass

4. Dinh Co Temple, Her Grave.

Located between Huong Bien beach and Hang Duong beach, Dinh Co temple lies dormant. The temple is quite large and mysterious, stimulating curiosity for visitors.

Dinh Co Temple

Every year, from February 10th to 12th of the lunar calendar, local fishermen hold a festival to worship Ba, may fishermen be at peace, go out to sea to catch a lot of fish.

On this day, many pilgrims from different parts of the country come here to pray. Besides, located about 1 kilometer from Dinh Co is the ruins of Tomb Co. With the location located on the top of the hill, surrounded by trees and clouds. This place is also frequently visited by tourists because of its beautiful scenery and is a spiritual tourist place worth visiting.

Her Grave

 5. Truc Lam Chan Nguyen Monastery

Truc Lam Chan Nguyen Zen Monastery is also known as Monkey Pagoda. The pagoda is located at the foot of Ky Van mountain in Phuoc Hai town, Ba Ria – Vung Tau.

Not long ago, this monastery was just a small temple, but in 1987, Thich Thong Luan remodeled the temple and practiced right here. This monastery has a simple architecture, worshipping the Buddha meditating on the lotus.

Not only is the scenery inside Truc Lam Chan Nguyen Monastery very beautiful, but it also has an interesting feature different from any place nearby. These are funny monkeys raised in the natural environment on Ky Van Mountain located right behind the monastery.

Truc Lam Chan Nguyen Monastery

6. Long Hai Fishing Village

If you come to the fishing village early in the morning, you can explore the bustle of an early market. When the fishing boat returned. Usually, from 5 am to 6 am, many traders and tourists gather here to buy and trade fresh shrimp, fish and squid.

Long Hai Fishing Village

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