Stay in the summer at Palace Long Hai Resort

The baskets are full of phoenix flowers/ Where do you carry my summer?/ The phoenix you hold is my age eighteen/ When no one was silent first love….

Palace Long Hải Resort lưu giữ trọn vẹn mùa hè của bạn trên những chiếc giỏ xe

Palace Long Hai Resort keeps your entire summer on the cart

Perhaps there is no schoolgirl who is not amazed by the magical beauty of the shimmering crimson phoenix wings, brilliant in a corner of the sky that signals summer. Where is your summer after months of hard work under the school roof, after the chaotic moments of homework preparing for exam season? The boys’ summer was nothing more enjoyable than being free to roam in the cool blue waters of the sea; Splashing flute legs under the trees, listening silently to the sound of the wind, birds chirping, to breathe full of the flavor of nature… Then, Palace Long Hai Resort is truly a paradise for children.

Only 2 hours drive from the center of Saigon, Palace Long Hai Resort is nestled quietly in the Long Hai beach area with wild and poetic scenery, day and night murmuring waves. With the advantage of being located on a beautiful land close to the beach, Palace Long Hai Resort is gracefully designed and close to nature, owning a green space thanks to the surrounding green system. The location of the resort is quite prime when it is close to quiet nature and close to the night market, Long Hai seafood market and Dinh Co …

Resort rooms at Palace Long Hai Resort are extremely “chill” with sea view

Coming to Palace Long Hai Resort, visitors have many rich choices. Interspersed among the green shade of the natural garden are 49 separate rooms with 8 different types of rooms from Standard Garden to Executive Suite, area from 30 – 138m2, including 31 separate bungalows, designed with sea view and garden view.

Staying in these spaces, visitors like touching the vast scenery of the ocean or green gardens, buzzing with birds. Thanks to the layout that creates a certain distance between rooms in a low-storey structure, guests staying at Palace Long Hai Resort easily feel the airy space and real relaxation; far from the noise and bustle of the urban prosperous place. In particular, all bungalows have windows and balconies to help visitors easily admire the natural scenery and the beach.

Guests experience kayaking at Palace Long Hai Resort.

With all the careful and meticulous care, the rooms are impressively designed, fully equipped with modern facilities, bringing a sense of peace to visitors when immersed in nature.

Service in rooms is also fully equipped, including breakfast, free internet, 24/24h service, swimming pool, mineral water; In-room tea and coffee, billiards, personal air conditioning control, bathroom with personal hot water system control….

In terms of cuisine, Ocean Restaurant at Palace Long Hai Resort with a capacity of 200 seats facing directly to the beach does not disappoint. The restaurant serves all day including buffet breakfast, lunch, dinner with European – Asian dishes, seafood and especially Hue dishes very unique.

Romantic sunset on Palace Long Hai Resort beach.

Guests can dine indoors with cool air-conditioned rooms, melodious music or choose romantic outdoor locations to enjoy the feeling of catching the brilliant sunrise or sunset every day. Here, visitors will find delicious dishes elaborately prepared by talented chefs or outdoor buffets and special BBQs with unforgettable flavors.

Another exciting experience is when guests enjoy cocktails and chills at the Sunset Bar with a combo of Pizza- seafood mother- cocktail, mocktail, beer and other drinks. In the evening, right in front of the restaurant, visitors also “treat” themselves to another type of relaxation when sitting in a relaxing lazy chair combined with watching movies on weekends … When tired, guests can relax at Dora Spa with beauty services and comprehensive health care both physical and mental.

Romantic and nature-filled space at Palace Long Hai Resort.

Staying at Palace Long Hai Resort, visitors not only swim but also relax at the Infinity pool by the sea, served from 6h to 18h every day. This is also an ideal space for Gala Dinner or wedding from 400 – 500 guests. On the beach area of more than 1km, the resort invests in many entertainment services such as children’s play area, kayak rental, bicycles, trams, parking lot with 24/24h security … Along with that, the beach area with a capacity of up to 200 guests is also an ideal place for delegations to organize team building, camping …

Besides, Palace Long Hai Resort also has Hoa Su Conference Room with a capacity of about 150 guests, fully equipped with technical equipment, sound, lighting and karaoke screen.

Indeed, Palace Long Hai Resort is like a green paradise of sunshine and sea breeze, worthy of being the ideal place to relax and change the wind after busy days. Coming here, visitors will feel the harmony between people and the sea, dissolving all fatigue and worries of daily life.


Palace Long Hai Resort

Địa chỉ: 210 Hai Bà Trưng, thị trấn Long Hải, huyện Long Điền, tỉnh Bà Rịa – Vũng Tàu.

ĐT: 02543 868 430/ 093 815 6069