Every year, 8/3 is an opportunity to honor and pay tribute to women around the world. However, the true origin and meaning of this day is still unknown to many people today.

8/3 every year is International Women’s Day, also known as the United Nations Day for Feminism and International Peace.

This holiday is recognized and celebrated annually by many countries around the world, including Vietnam. When this day comes, men will give the women next to them the warmest gifts and congratulations. It could be your girlfriend, your friend, your mother, your wife, your co-worker, your daughter,…

Today, society is becoming more and more just and equal. Therefore, women on 8/3 will receive more respect and attention from men around the world, such as sharing difficulties, fatigue in the family or daily work.

8/3 is a major holiday of the year for countries around the world in general. When this day comes, men will give to the women they love: mother, wife and girlfriend,… gifts, bouquets of flowers to show affection, gratitude, boundless love.

Reveal a few gifts that men can send to their mother/wife/girlfriend on this solemn day:

  • Unexpected gift: It can be a nice little gift, or simply a meal cooked by yourself.
  • Flowers and wishes: Women will always love flowers, a sweet wish for a beautiful bouquet will always help their mood improve.
  • A romantic date and a vacation trip: The longer you fall in love, the more moments you need to warm up. A seaside restaurant – A peaceful resort like Palace Long Hai Resort will always be a good choice for you to enjoy a lovely moment with your woman.

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